May 21

Alex Dixon: Sex on the Beach

I decided to take a trip to Cartagena I wanted to distract myself from so much work rest was on the beach distracted drinking beer when I started listening to a music in the distance I caused cuiriosity I began to go in and the drinks were taking effect and the party after 12 was very good and many things happened night of pleasure sex and orgia return to medellin very happy

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May 09

Xavier Cruzes: My First Blog!

Hi Everyone! Xavier here, just doing some work on my profile for the first time ever! I have a lovely cup of green tea, my cat sitting with me and some ambient music playing “those who know me from my cam time know that at least with ambient on I won’t be breaking into song randomly at any given moment!” I’ve just started getting more into the world of camming so I thought it was time to spruce up my page a little as I have really enjoyed getting to know you all so I’d love to give you a bit more of an insight into my life. It’s totally not what I expected and everyone has been so nice and supportive of me and my cam performances. I had some cam time scheduled for tomorrow but I am afraid I won’t be able to make it online tomorrow! I am sorry. I need to get a couple of my horses shod and this will take up most of my day! My next time online will be Sunday evening 8PM EST so be sure to jump online, say hi and introduce yourself! Ciao! Xavier

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